When will pigs really fly?

Canadian Comedy Award winning performer Freddie Rivas is presenting his latest piece When Pigs Fly… Into Alien Spaceships! during HarbourKIDS: The Toronto International Circus Festival this month. Best known for his monthly show Rapp Battlez, and his short puppetry film B Yo Self, this latest production focuses on courage, friendship and new experiences as Pig Hadfield explores a foreign planet after colliding with a UFO during a routine mission.

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KAMP: Important, brave and stunning

Last night, Hotel Modern’s chilling depiction of a day in the life of Auschwitz during the Second World War, KAMP, began it’s five-show run at Harbourfront Centre. Using a scale model of the site and thousands of puppets, this performance is, as Phil Taylor put it, “brave in the telling and provocative.”

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Hotel Modern’s KAMP by Katie McMillan

I walked out of the theatre last night a ghost of myself. I had sat in my seat for as long as I could before understanding that I was blocking the aisles, but I would have remained sitting there all night if I were allowed. Once I was forced to stand, my body walked my brain to the lobby, out into the night, onto the subway, and home. I was wet before I realized it was raining. Everything that surrounded me as I walked towards the subway felt foggy, unclear, and it wasn’t just because I need to update my glasses prescription (which I do). People everywhere were oblivious to what I had just witnessed and it felt appropriate to hold that against them. You just don’t get it, I wanted to say to everyone I passed in the street that smiled or laughed to a friend.

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