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Harbourfront Centre at the 55th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

This weekend, swing by Nathan Phillips Square to see our Craft & Design Studio Artists-in-Residence at Canada’s largest outdoor contemporary art fair! Their work in metal, glass, ceramic, and textiles are crowd and juror favourites at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Craft & Design at Harbourfront Centre is a dynamic axis point for contemporary craft in Canada and an integral …

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Thank you for being part of another great Planet IndigenUS festival!

This past August, Planet IndigenUS celebrated the very best of Indigenous arts and culture with the co-production between the Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford and at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. This was the fourth time that the acclaimed multi-disciplinary festival has occurred and over the course of ten years, the festival has grown into the largest Indigenous arts festival on …

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Seven reasons to visit Harbourfront Centre, one for every day of the week!

Monday: The city is the Pan-Am Spirit, and so are we! Explore the massive structure that’s been set-up on our site; it’s beautiful during the day, and even more gorgeous when lit up at night! Visit Ontario’s Celebration Zone (open seven days a week, until August 16) for concerts, kid’s events, food, zip-lining and so much more. Tuesday: Cool off from the heat …

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Uncovering genius with BoucharDanse / Théâtre la Tangente

This week at NextSteps, Toronto company BourcharDanse and Théâtre la Tangente find inspiration in the father of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin. Well, actually choreographer Sylvie Bouchard looks past the French artist to his student, lover and muse, Camille Claudel. L’Implorante examines the opposing ideas of movement and immobility through the fluidity of dance versus the rootedness of sculpture, the freedom of men versus the …

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Meet a Creative Genius: Shane McNutt

Shane McNutt is a Toronto-based ceramic artist, and an artist-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre. You might have seen Shane’s work if you’ve ever strolled by the windows outside of the Craft & Design Studio, or walked through the warm, open-air space inside where the public can watch artists do their thing. Shane is inspired by some pretty iconic motifs drawn from …

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In the presence of genius

Creative Genius is an inspired collection of home and personal accessories created by some of the most talented emerging makers we know. Some of them are busy creating in our Craft & Design Studios and others hail from across Canada. All of them have designed items that tickle our imaginations in limited-run

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Ian Chodikoff shares his thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy

Ian is the founding Director of Fora Strategic Planning, a consultancy focused on researching, developing and applying effective solutions for a healthier and more prosperous urban environment. He’s participating in Bridgepoint Active Healthcare: The Reinvention Of A Hospital, which is part of our Architecture Exhibition Winter 2014 — open until June 8th. Here are Ian’s thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy.

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Summer of wonder

From May to October, Harbourfront Centre presents its exciting summer lineup of arts and cultural programming from around the world, featuring artists from South Asia to Africa, China to Brazil, Israel to the Caribbean and more. With returning staples such as Canada Day and Hot & Spicy Food Festival alongside new — soon to be favourite — festivals such as Habari Africa Festival and China Now, we definitely have something for everyone to get excited about.

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Legendary dancer Margie Gillis shines light on our NextSteps season

Margie Gillis is an Officer of the Order of Canada and a 2011 recipient of the Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award from the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award Foundation, an award which was bestowed upon other beloved greats over the years such as Karen Kain, Peggy Baker and Menaka Thakkar. This November, she’s bringing her collaboration piece, The Light Between to our 2013-14 Next Steps season. The piece, which brings dancers Holly Bright, Marc Daigle, Paola Styron and set designer/visual artist Randal Newman together, blends dance, sculptural and pictorial elements.

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José Guadalupe Posada, the founder of modern Mexican art

Jose Guadalupe Posada was an illustrator known for his satirical and politically acute calaveras (skulls). Even though throughout his career in Mexico City, he worked in seeming obscurity, his vivid imagery has since become synonymous with the annual festival. Mexicans regard him among their greatest artists, and his reputation is nearly as great in the United States. He’s often named as the founder of modern Mexican art.

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