How Would You Safely Retrieve a Dinghy?

Adrian and Margaret, who 
are retired, own Zephyr, 
a Westerly Storm 33 and are anchored off the Belon River in Brittany waiting for the tide to rise to cross the bar.

There is about half a knot of tidal stream and a 15 knot offshore breeze.

Adrian inflates and launches the dinghy. He ties the painter to the pushpit rail with a clove hitch and carefully lowers and secures the outboard motor on the transom ready for their trip ashore then steps back on board Zephyr.

The kettle is on and they are just settling down to afternoon tea when Margaret notices the dinghy has floated away.

How did that happen? There’s no time for discussion; it’s up with the anchor to 
go and retrieve it.

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