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Harbourfront Centre Summer Camps

A great time to learn to sail is when you’re young and ready to take on the world. Harbourfront Centre Summer Camps (July 2 – August 30) offer a fun and safe environment for all ages and abilities.

Our instructors are experienced in taking responsibility for children and have been selected for their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. Summer Camps sailing programs will keep your children learning and having fun at their own skill level on dinghies or keelboats.

All participants in our marine programmes are provided with a Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Proper use of the PFD is strictly enforced. Participants are welcome to use their own Canadian approved PFDs if they have them.

A sailing camp resource guide with more information will be available prior to the start of camp.

To register your child in Harbourfront Centre Sailing Camps, or to receive a brochure, please call 416 973 4093.


Summer Camps


Did you know? Harbourfront Centre offers great programming for kids during March Break Camps (March 11–15) too!


March Break Camps


iCANSail (Ages 6–8)

This camp is intended to familiarize younger campers with safety and sailing. Under the guidance of our experienced Sail Canada instructors, our youngest group of sailors will work towards developing a solid foundation of skills in their first step within the Sail Canada accreditation system. Climbing aboard the stable Optimist dinghies, participants will gain enough confidence to sail and paddle their way around the protected waters of Toronto’s Inner Harbour. They will learn about boat safety, balance, boat control and other sailing specific skills. Campers will also participate in sail-related games and activities in this fun and safe environment.

Prerequisites: No experience required – just be ready to have fun!

Certificate: iCANSail Sail Canada Accreditation.


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Harbour Explorers (Ages 6–9)

Calling all young explorers! Facilitated by supportive and experienced Sail Canada instructors, Harbour Explorers introduces campers to the wonderful world of sailing and nautical knowledge while they explore the splendor of Toronto’s inner harbour and surrounding islands. This camp takes place aboard one of our stable Harbour 20 keelboats, and our little sailors will go home with a deeper understanding of our city’s historic harbour, touching on fun, environmental and historical facts. Campers will split their day between themed activities on the water and on land.

Prerequisites: No experience required.

Certificate: HCSP Harbour Explorers Completion Certificate.


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CANSail 1 (Ages 9–12 Junior / 13–15 Senior)

Taught by our experienced Sail Canada certified instructors, this two-week course will have campers navigating Toronto’s Inner Harbour in comfortable, easy to sail dinghies, all the while learning about water and boat safety, boat control, knots, rigging, capsizing and other topics relevant to developing young sailors. The curriculum is based on Sail Canada standards and campers will work towards earning internationally recognized certificates for each level by demonstrating skills learned in the program.

Prerequisites: iCANSail certification is recommended but not required. Suitable for first-time sailors.

Certificate: Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail certificate.


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CANSail 2 (Ages 9–12 Junior / 13–15 Senior)

After your young sailor has successfully passed their CANSail 1 certification, CANSail 2 is the natural next step in their development. Under the experienced guidance of our Sail Canada Instructors, sailors are able to build on previously taught skills and work their way towards earning an internationally recognized certificate for this level by demonstrating skills learned in the program.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of CANSail 1 is a requirement for this program.

Certificate: Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail certificate.


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iCANCatch-up (Ages 9–15)

Any CANSail participants who have not completed their certification have the opportunity to come join us for one more week session! During this “Catch Up” week, sailors will be coached by experienced and certified Sail Canada instructors who are eager to make sure every child has equal opportunity to attempt to complete their CANSail level. This program is developed based on the individual needs of each participant, and is informed by our development progress monitoring reports through Sail Canada’s evaluation tracking system. It should be noted that participant’s involvement does not guarantee certification if they do not meet Sail Canada standard, regardless participants who show they have a passion and initiative for sailing will gain a lot from this additional week!

Prerequisites: Must have participated in a CANSail program and have an active CANSail profile.

Certificate: Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail certification.

Registration by referral only. Please contact Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Power Boating at 416 203 3000.




Intro to Cruising (Ages 10–15)

Designed for aspiring sailors, this introduction to the exciting world of sailing and cruising is designed for the older campers. Under the supervision of our experienced keelboat instructors, participants will gain confidence on the water while safely cruising around the Toronto Harbour and Islands aboard one of our J-24’s and Sonar keelboats. From mastering sailboat controls, and racing on the harbour, the experiences are limited only by a young camper’s imagination. Sailors will gain plenty of practical hands-on experience while developing basic sailing skills and being introduced to cruising and confidence around others in a team environment.

Prerequisites: No experience required.

Certificate: HCSP Intro to Cruising Completion Certificate.


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CANSail 3 or 4 (Ages 11–15)

Taught by experienced and certified Sail Canada instructors, this comprehensive four-week course builds on the fundamental skills established in the CANSail 1 & 2 programs both on and off the water. This program is taught to Sail Canada’s CANSail 3 & 4 training standards and focuses on advanced sail theory and sailing skills. Participants will be required to sail in a variety of weather conditions and prove a high standard of sailing to pass.

Prerequisites: Must have CANSail 1 & 2 certification prior to enrolling in this program.

Certificate: Successful candidates will receive a recognized CANSail 3 or 4 certificate.


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Sailing Counsellor-in-Training (Ages 14–16)

This one-month HCSP Counsellor-in-Training program introduces young sailors, who show interest in sailing and childcare, to the responsibilities and daily procedures of Harbourfront Centre’s Junior Sail Camp. The overall goal of the HCSP CIT Program is to train future Sailing Instructors and Camp Counsellors in the day-to-day operations of HCSP. This program requires participants to experience both on-land and on-water camp procedures and everyday situations, as well as be evaluated on their decision making in those environments. All CITs who complete this course are guaranteed an interview at HCSP for the following year’s Junior Sail Camp’s Staff.

Prerequisites: Must have CANSail certification of any level prior to enrolling in this program.

Certificate: Successful candidates will receive an interview at HCSP for the following year’s Junior Sail Camp staff

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Harbourfront Centre Summer Camps