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Sail Canada Coastal Navigation

A comprehensive programme designed to develop navigation skills. Topics include: charts, publications, tide tables, aids to navigation, use of navigation instruments, effects of time, distance, speed, wind, current, leeway, plotting position and a special electronic navigation session. Fees include text, instruments, charts and handouts.

Basic: Charts, aids to navigation, and use of navigation instruments, plus course plotting. (19 Hours) $455

Intermediate: Running fixes, set & drift plus tides and currents. (19 Hours) $325

Coastal Navigation Standard (Basic & Intermediate): (38 Hours) $725

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To register for both Basic and Intermediate Navigation, please call us at 416-203-3000 to receive your navigation discount.

Sail Canada Celestial Navigation (38 Hours) $595

Find your position anywhere on the planet using the sun and the stars. From basic concepts to Sun-Run-Sun and more, plus how to use a Sextant and the Sight Reduction Tables using H) 249.

Prerequisites: Coastal Navigation Basic & Intermediate

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Instructor Clinic

For information about becoming an instructor at HCSP please contact Clive at 416-203-3000 or

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