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Have you ever wanted to work on a large super yacht? Well this is how!

Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating offers the IYT Bareboat Skipper and Yachtmaster Certification in conjunction with International Yacht Training Worldwide. Successful candidates are awarded a prestigious “Master of Yachts 200 Tonnes” Certificate of Competency – a commercial endorsement for operating power or sailing vessels for those wishing to become professional yachters.

The following programs are extensive theory and practical courses designed to provide the highest standards of marine education for both recreational and professional yachters. Designed for experienced crew with appropriate on-the-water experience.

International Master of Yachts (MOY) Limited (Offshore) – 50 hours (Offshore theory): $1,795

This course is intended for knowledgeable crew with sufficient on-the-water experience. The IYT Master of Yachts 200 Tonne – Limited (Offshore) Certificate is a commercial 200 Tonne Masters Certificate of Competency for operating vessels, sail or power, up to 150 nautical miles from a safe haven.

28A Mar 7 or 28B Sep 26 (Mon-Sun 9am- 5pm)

Practical (One Week) Course Fee: $2,895
Includes certification, course material and tax.

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International Master of Yachts (MOY) 200 Tonne – Unlimited (Ocean) Theory (42 hours): $1,695

To gain the IYT Master of Yachts 200 Tonne – Unlimited (Ocean) Certification, a theory session must be successfully completed. The theory portion comprises of a 48-hour classroom work which includes celestial navigation, pilot planning and passage planning.

Prerequisite: MOY – Limited (Offshore)

30A Nov. 21 Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

If you are interested in additional maritime courses, please visit the home site of International Yacht Training at

International Certificate of Competence (ICC) – Theory & Practical 16 hours): $645

Includes all material and the IYT processing fee (ICC Certificate)
This 16hr course has both a theoretical and practical portion. There will be approximately 13hrs spent in class on theory, and 3hrs on the afloat test. The International Certificate of Competence gives verification of competence for boaters using coastal waters in numerous countries across Europe. We are offering this course through International Yacht Training Worldwide.

11A May 28 (Sat & Sun. 9am–5pm)

International Certificate of Competency (ICC) – Practical Test (3 hours): $195

This is a challenge of the afloat test portion of the ICC for either Sail or Power. The candidate must hold the Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Standard plus the Sail Canada Coastal Navigation Standard or equivalent.

International Certificate of Competency (ICC) – In-Class Theory Refresher and Test (13 hours): $550

Includes all material and the IYT processing fee (ICC Certificate)
This 13 hour theory course refresher derives from the program requirements of the IYT ICC curriculum, including vessel checkout, meteorology, pilotage and passage planning, plus vessel handling. It does not include the practical on water test portion.

If you wish to just challenge the ICC Exam, you can! The cost to challenge the exam is $295. The cost includes the test (3hrs) and the IYT processing fee (ICC Certificate).

For further information please call Clive at 416-203-3000 or email

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