Corporate Team Sailing

Take your usual corporate event in a new direction with team sailing, an on-the-water adventure in the heart of the city. Your adventure can be customized to engage colleagues in innovative, fun and unique team-building activities. Simply provide our professional staff with your event objective, and we will create a programme to suit your requirements. We create challenging events by Land, Lake and Street Car to ensure an action packed, outside the box approach for your event. Sailing, Racing, Geo-cache, Treasure Hunts, City Adventures, the list goes on.

Download Corporate Team Sailing Events Guide

If you are looking for an economical solution to boost company morale and team productivity, or maybe you don’t have enough time to plan an event yourself and you’re looking for fresh ideas for a fun team building activity, then you’ve come to the right place! Choose from our exciting blueprints below.

Team Racing Regatta (4-44 participants)

This classic event features a three-race mini regatta. As with all events, each team is briefed on the dos and don’ts of sailing, and then goes on to harness the exhilarating power of nature. They soon learn that communication is everything on the water, just as it is in the office. All positions on a boat are important – each is integral to the team.

Geo-cache on the Toronto Islands (4-44 participants)

Developed by intrepid adventure seekers, geocaching involves hunting for hidden prizes with high-tech GPS devices. A typical cache contains small trinkets and clues for discovering further caches.

Urban Fear Factor (Up to 200 participants)
A modern take on an old-school scavenger hunt! It’s the most fun you can have with your smartphone and co-workers all year. Complete daring missions, outrageous challenges, and discover your wild and creative side. Explore the city by boat, streetcar and foot, competing in teams while getting to know your colleagues better. From handstands in elevators to kissing live lobsters, busking in front of strangers and standing in front of some of the city’s most loved tourist destinations.

Cruising the Islands (4-44 participants)
If you prefer to cruise, we can set your team sailing on your chosen vessel. Colleagues and clients will enjoy a relaxing sail along Toronto’s breathtaking skyline and islands, or participate in sailing the boat under the guidance of our trained instructors. You dictate the pace.

Please note that no prior boating experience is necessary to participate in our events. Participants are with an instructor at all times when on the water. For parties of over 44 participants, please contact Emma Wright at or call 416-203-3000.

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