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July 2015

Jul. 17–19: Panamania: Leo

Jul. 23–25: Panamania: Timber!

August 2015

Aug. 4: Panamania: Planet Indiginous: Heck Init Comedy Night

Aug. 9: Panamania: Planet Indiginous: Day of Dance

Aug. 20: Tirgan Festival: Hamed Nikpay and Ensemble Featuring Karine Gonzalez

Aug. 21–22: Tirgan Festival: Persian and Turkish Improvisations

Aug. 21–23: Tirgan Festival: Scarlet Stone (Mohreye Sorkh)

Aug. 22–23: Tirgan Festival: 1001st Night: A Play Reading

Aug. 22–23: Tirgan Festival: Homeland: Les Ballets Persans

Aug. 22–23: Tirgan Festival: Darya Dadvar

Aug. 28: TAIWANfest: Magic Power 'Ours' MP concert

October 2015


Oct. 14: Old Man Luedecke

Oct. 16–17: Art of Time: Tzigane

November 2015

Nov. 12: Torn From the Pages

Nov. 13: Donovan Woods

December 2015

Dec. 4–5: Art of Time: To All A Good Night

February 2016

Feb. 19–20: Art of Time: Zappa

April 2016

Apr. 1–2: Art of Time: Erwin Schulhoff

May 2016

May 13–14: Art of Time: Hawksley Workman

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