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A vast departure from Terry Gilliam’s commercially successful Monty Python films, Brazil is a story rife with anti-corporate undertones and a clever observation of a bleak future where society is controlled by the thought police. Universal Pictures initially refused to release the film until the Los Angeles Film Critics Associate screened it and voted it best film of the year. But when the film finally was released, the studio had tacked on a happy Hollywood ending.

In a retro-future world, meek bureaucrat Sam Lowry tries to correct an administrative error but instead becomes an enemy of the state. With a big budget of $15 million, Brazil is a marvel of special effects and amazing sets and we are transported to a marvelous unexpectedly humorous Orwellian world, where the thought police are likely to come crashing through the ceiling at any moment and destroy anyone who disagrees, or dares deviate from the way things are done.

Brazil has since been well-reviewed and cited by many filmmakers as a key influence and source of inspiration.

With Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist and Robert De Niro.

Dir: Terry Gilliam / 1985 / AA / 2h 12min


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Sunday, July 15
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