Grab your cuppies! It’s springtime!03.25.14

  According to the Academy of Pediatrics, teaching children to drink out of regular cups happens between 12-15 months, and they should be ready to give up sippy cups completely by 2-3 years of age.  Sippy cups are convenient and an important part of the transition from bottles to cups but you want to avoid over-use. […]

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Puppets for Holiday Moppets12.11.13

Cate and Levi makes the perfect gift to promote play and fun during the holiday season with soft, cuddly, full-of-character puppets. These puppets are 100% handmade from reclaimed wool, from a local company in Toronto, and are produced by keeping to a low carbon footprint. Does it get much better than that? YES! Each puppet […]

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Challenge Yourself to CUBU.11.20.13

All week we’ve been diabolically acing our card game skills–just in time for those highly competitive family get-togethers that happen around holidays–with the best card game inventors we know: Funnybones Toys. Today we take on CUBU, where visual illusions up the ante as you try to follow number and colour sequences. Beware those action cards, […]

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Put On A Game Face with Array11.18.13

Funnybone Toys are innovative game designers whose card games are earning the Colorado company some high praise for their fun and educational value, including the 2013 Good Housekeeping’s prestigious Board Game of the Year award. This week CGW will be exploring the world of Funnybone games starting with Array, a game where players compete to place […]

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