Zombie Sock Party!10.21.13

We got a couple of great twists on Halloween treats this week! Welcome in the ghoulish night with┬ásock zombies! ┬áThese creatures represent the dark side of crafting! Everything you need to assemble an original sock-zombie complete in a kit. / $6.95 When things get lively break out a set of hilarious paper party hats for […]

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Clay-licious: PMO Designs, Montreal06.20.13

CGW loves summer and we love clay. Clay has a special way of making any object made from it feel substantial and long lasting. So coming across PMO Designs there was a sigh of recognition: They love clay too. It’s reflected into every one of their designs and products. Speaking of love, when you first […]

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CG Interview: The Theatre of Ceramist, Grace Eun Mi Lee05.15.13

Creative Genius has wanted to talk to Grace Lee, especially, as she seems to have solved a quandary facing most multi-facetted craft artists, and, in our humble opinion, successfully solved it. She is on the one hand a deft and intelligent (exciting) installation artist, and on the other hand, she reinvents, vamps, adds to her […]

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A Menagerie of Steel10.03.12

These are just some of the charming, beguiling figures cut from recycled steel that have been gracing the windows at the Centre Shop for the past 15 years. Jean Paul Schoss’s recycled steel creatures are consistently whimsical, beautifully executed, with each new figure full of character. They make the best talismans we know for gardens, […]

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