Challenge Yourself to CUBU.11.20.13

All week we’ve been diabolically acing our card game skills–just in time for those highly competitive family get-togethers that happen around holidays–with the best card game inventors we know: Funnybones Toys. Today we take on CUBU, where visual illusions up the ante as you try to follow number and colour sequences. Beware those action cards, […]

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Put On A Game Face with Array11.18.13

Funnybone Toys are innovative game designers whose card games are earning the Colorado company some high praise for their fun and educational value, including the 2013 Good Housekeeping’s prestigious Board Game of the Year award. This week CGW will be exploring the world of Funnybone games starting with Array, a game where players compete to place […]

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You’re such a card…04.17.13

Giving personal greeting cards is a very old way of acknowledging events passing, a very human way to give nod to a place in time, in personal form. To ward off evil, the ancient Chinese give messages at the time of the new year, the Egyptians wrote messages on papyrus, and, when printing was getting it’s […]

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Connect to the Funnybone10.31.12

The first thing that happens when you discover Funnybone Toys’ three remarkable card games, is that you realize from the start, you are in the hands of some kind of smarty-pants. These geniuses found a way to appeal to the most jaded of generations, ages 8 and up, with card games that consistently win major […]

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