Bowl You Over with Design12.22.13

Steelforme is a design company with vision and focus. Bringing you the precision production of form but with the personal touch of a blacksmith, their steel bowls, vases and baskets are made locally in Toronto and their designs carry prestige and function to any table. Inspired by nature, philosophy and even math, a Steelforme bowl, basket, […]

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Turn It On07.18.13

A light bulb went off in Maryline Scraviner’s designer’s mind–literally! And so, Plog-It’s system of lighting was born. CGW likes the idea, of course, of one of the retro-vintage light bulbs Maryline has created actually going off over her head!  We’re so dramatic, kind of like Plog-It’s own capacity for taking ordinary space and illuminating it to […]

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Al Fresco Fabulous06.05.13

Koziol is a German design company that appears to want to infuse vibrant colour right into the very nature of your summer entertainment and gardening pleasures. CGW is all for that! Bring it on! And Koziol does: With a blend of design precision, splashes of vibrancy, and fun, their summer fixtures for al fresco living […]

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{20466906-4BDE-49EE-8DD4-F5E740CA063D}_Soji String Lights White Beach

Shine Bright and Eco-Friendly on Mother’s Day05.08.13

Getting a solar lantern from Allsop Home & Garden is like receiving a piece of the sun that even at night, refreshes the spirit. CGW can’t think of a better gift (hint, hint) for Mother’s Day. The story of Allsop Home & Garden is, in itself, a piece of sunshine: When  a  father was inspired […]

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