Paddle Up.09.22.13

Put some kissable lips on your furry love. Place a mustache on a bestie. Or point to the destination with ease. Just a few paddles from the assortment of Photopaddles now in stock at the Centre Shop for your summer fun photo-taking adventures! Photopaddles work like super low-tech photoshop. Screen-printed arcylic paddles accessorize your photo […]

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Aim at Art02.08.12

Designed to bring into focus and magnify the “tiny surprises” and “infinite bashful details” of life, designer Odoardo Fioravanti created ZoomArt, the first optical instrument to help see the hidden details of the world’s cities. With a series of interlocking cylinders, ZoomArt reproduces a telescope to rival Galileo’s optical instruments with lenses that magnify up […]

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What’s New in the Store: Best Listening Devices.12.06.11

Joey Roth “Ceramic Speakers” / $495.00 Connects to iPods, pair with turntable and a phono pre-amp, computers, laptops or even televisions, the Ceramic Speakers are made from porcelain, cork, and Baltic birch. So cool.   Science&Sons “Phonofone II” / $600.00 Revolutionize listening with your iPod with applied science, a beautiful icon of nostalgia, and an ironic twist, […]

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The largest collection of private photographs in the world is Funny Pictures and is Christian Skrein’s vast archives presenting private worlds and a vast variety of people, the centre piece of any coffee table. We want to TAKE OUR OWN FUNNY PICTURES! You know, the embarrassing kind, like Uncle Bill snoring on the couch with […]

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