CG Interview: BLOOM Graduate Victoria Yez

April 15, 2012

The only program of its kind in Canada, George Brown College’s Jewellery Program trains students in the specialized art of goldsmithing and jewellery design, providing the fundamentals to thrive in Canada’s jewellery and design industries.

The Centre Shop’s Creative Genius asked 2012 graduate Victoria Yez about her experiences in the program and as graduation looms, what her future career holds for her.

Creative Genius: Thanks for taking the time during this busy period to talk with us. The Centre Shop enjoys our annual hosting of the reception and exhibit for a new class of George Brown jewellery designers, it’s always a great celebration. We wonder if you can give us a little background on yourself, your decision to get into this course and where you hope it will lead you?

Victoria Yez: Thank you for having me. I grew up in Devon, a small town in Alberta. I have always loved creating things with my hands and making new things out of old. I knew I wanted to have a career doing something where I could be creative.

In 2009 I was laid off from my desk job and had the perfect opportunity to pursue something in which I had just started having a strong interest in. After some research, asking questions, and deciding that now was the time to make a big change in my life I applied and was accepted to George Brown College.

Over the past three years I know it is the best decision I ever made. My hopes for my future are to make timeless pieces of jewellery that are unique and interesting and that will be passed down from generation to generation – jewellery that makes people not only look beautiful but feel beautiful.

CG: We adore the feather ring! Can you tell us about what your inspiration was for it?

VY: Thank you! As in most of my jewellery, I try to pull from nature and organic forms. I find that I come across feathers a lot in my life, it doesn’t seems to matter if I am in the depths of the city, consumed by daily stress or walking in the fields back home with my parents and the dogs enjoying the simplicity of the good things, feathers seem to cross my path, and when they do, I can’t help but stop and watch them float by. I wanted to create a ring that I could wear that would make me stop more often and just breath.

CG: Is there a particular moment during your time in the program that just affirmed everything you felt about choosing this career?

VY: I don’t think there was one moment in particular, there are so many moments that I say to myself, or call my mom and tell her that  I love what I do and I cannot imagine doing anything different. This last year though, thanks to the guidance and patience of my instructors, I feel that I have really found myself in my jewellery and my style of designing.

CG: Thanks so much! We are keeping our eyes on you!

VY: Thanks again for including me in this!


April 19 to May 6, 2012

George Brown College Jewellery Arts graduates

present “BLOOM” at The Centre Shop, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.

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