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October 31, 2012

The first thing that happens when you discover Funnybone Toys’ three remarkable card games, is that you realize from the start, you are in the hands of some kind of smarty-pants.

These geniuses found a way to appeal to the most jaded of generations, ages 8 and up, with card games that consistently win major toy competitions, often cited by judges as representing a “full-brain workout.”

To sum up:

All three card games won a Creative Child magazine nod in their annual Family Card Games – Stimulation Creativity Category. Honors included Array™ being named 2012 Game of the Year Award winner; CUBU™ called 2012 Preferred Choice Award winner and Spectrix™ also earned a 2012 Preferred Choice Award. Additionally, Father’s Day 2012 Mr. Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends bestowed their award to thought-provoking Array card game.”

If you ever had siblings, if you are so over solo-ing “Angry Birds”, if you still believe you have game, even if you just want to wake-up that creative brain, then you better up your pokerface, jackson, and pick up a deck o’smartsville from the Centre Shop now.

We challenge you.

Watch how the games work on YOUTUBE:

ARRAY / $17.95

CUBU / $17.95

SPECTRIX / $17.95

Available at The Centre Shop:

The Centre Shop @ Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON
M5J 2G8


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