Rise and Shine: Shawna Tabacznik Jewellery

January 14, 2014

  A feast for the eyes, a shimmer of transformative design, and a stunning collaboration of elements and traditions goes into every original piece out of Shawna Tabacznik’s studio. Also, much like the designer herself, there’s an international flare to her work, but one which translates easily into everyday wear. Raised in both Colombia and Canada, […]

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Bowl You Over with Design

December 22, 2013

Steelforme is a design company with vision and focus. Bringing you the precision production of form but with the personal touch of a blacksmith, their steel bowls, vases and baskets are made locally in Toronto and their designs carry prestige and function to any table. Inspired by nature, philosophy and even math, a Steelforme bowl, basket, […]

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Sophisticated Lady

December 17, 2013

Creative Genius knows that nothing, nothing, nothing says “I admire your style” more than buying that special person in your life one of Anu Raina’s fabulously designed scarves. The local designer, herself, is a pretty special lady. She’s been featured in The Globe and Mail, National Post, CBC Radio, CTV, Omni and several mainstream fashion publications, […]

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Puppets for Holiday Moppets

December 11, 2013

Cate and Levi makes the perfect gift to promote play and fun during the holiday season with soft, cuddly, full-of-character puppets. These puppets are 100% handmade from reclaimed wool, from a local company in Toronto, and are produced by keeping to a low carbon footprint. Does it get much better than that? YES! Each puppet […]

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