Textile Studio

Hannah Epstein

Hannah Epstein is a self-described Neo-Folk artist working in the cross-section of textile and digital mediums- Fyberspace. She holds a B.A in Folklore from Memorial University (2009) and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University (2017).

Half Latvian, half Ashkenazi Jew, Epstein was raised in Nova Scotia where her personal experience as a cross-cultural mix helped develop a post-identity personal politic. In opposition to any notion of inherited family, social or political allegiances, Epstein aligns herself with the multi-form, digital avatar.

As a folklorist, Epstein is devoted to reimagining the iconography of popular culture, highlighting the cultural negotiation between bottom-up (folk) and top-down (institutional) storytelling. Her work has been shown at the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Textile Museum of Canada and The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

She is currently represented by Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles and was accepted as an Artist-in-Residence (Textiles) at Harbourfront Centre in 2019.

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