Design Studio

Jade Dumrath

Jade Dumrath is a Product and Jewellery Designer residing in Toronto. After completing a BFA, majoring in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University, Jade worked as a Product Designer at the Canadian design company Umbra, where she explored her interest in interior accessory and object design.

Jade focuses on finding the balance between craft and design influences, blending both aesthetics and function in her work. By combining traditional and contemporary craft and design processes and materials, Jade strives to create dynamic objects for the home. Jade’s work is often inspired by large, joyful family gatherings, which has been a tradition growing up. By adding kinetic elements, Jade’s intention is to create a playful, interactive experience with the objects as well as spark dialogue between guests. Jade believes her objects should enhance everyday life not only through adorning and beautifying one’s surroundings, but also through an experiential quality of movement.

Jade has received multiple scholarships and awards including two student Niche awards in 2015. Jade began her Design residency at Harbourfront Centre on scholarship in July 2016.

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