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Beam Me Up
Beam Me Up began as a means for deejays A Digital Needle & Cyclist to spread their zealotry for disco across Toronto. Their understanding of disco is far-removed from the AM radio polyester-set, focusing instead on the soul, funk and jazz which is at the core of this genre-bending movement. Far from formulaic, disco is a four-on-the-floor beat tailored for the dance floor, inclusive, loving and full of positivity. Their parties in loft, warehouse and back-room bar are the evidence that embody the Beam Me up belief: disco is not dead.

A Digital Needle 

DJ Skate Nights: Beam Me Up


Disco is not dead! Rediscover the sounds of the underground party scene – the night clubs, lofts and warehouses, where disco was reborn (and house music was born), where the faithful dancers, deejays, musicians and producers got funkier and freakier with the music than ever before.

Beam Me Up

Music Skating
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