Pay Tribute to a Tush


Name a Seat at the Fleck Dance Theatre!

For almost 30 years Harbourfront Centre has been shining a spotlight on dance companies and artists from around the world. The Fleck Dance Theatre has hosted over 500 productions in Canada's only theatre designed specifically for contemporary dance, and with the support of people like you we have established ourselves as the home for contemporary dance in Toronto.

A limited number of seats are available to be named, and we hope you will become part of the legacy of contemporary dance at Harbourfront Centre by naming a seat for yourself, a loved one, or someone you admire. A donation of $500 will purchase a seat in perpetuity.

Show your support of the performing arts in Toronto by naming a seat today. By naming a seat in the Fleck Dance Theatre you are investing in the future of the contemporary arts and in the enjoyment dance brings to all of our lives. Every time a dancer steps on stage, an audience member attends a show, or a child experiences the thrill of live performance for the first time, your gift will have an impact.

Call 416-952-4746 or email us for more information. We can't wait to seat you!


You will receive an official tax receipt for the full $500 donation; you will also be recognized as an Advocate-level donor for a period of one year.

Seats are named in recognition only and do not impact your seating priority for performances.

You may select the seat you wish to personalize, subject to availability, first come first seated.

To download the response card, click here. You can fax your completed card to 416-973-6055, or call 416-952-4746 for more information.

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