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Photo: Maya Fuhr

Melted-pop duo Phèdre makes music for escaping. The visually evocative soundscapes emerging on their previous releases take form like a great comic; a concise narrative, bright colors, and psychedelic textures. If comic books had strobe lights Phèdre‘s certainly would. As for what they take from the real world, Phèdre‘s music borrows from hip-hop, psych and high-bpm electronica to make music digestible to internet-induced-ADD-types and also those who can sit through a heavily conceptual full-length. Phèdre has toured extensively in North America and Europe, including playing shows in Mexico, Iceland and Russia. 2017 will see the duo entering a new cycle, with some new energetic releases.




Sunday, August 20, 2017
Concert Stage
235 Queens Quay West

This melted-pop duo makes music for escaping with bright colours and psychedelic textures.

Special guests include rappers Han Han, Arowbe, Casey Garcia, and Lil Gae, as well as members of HATAW.

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