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Day of the Dead presented by Scotiabank - November 56, 2016

Curatorial Statement

The Duality of Life and Death

Da de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a festival of reverence for those who have left the world of the living and entered the afterlife. Over two days we celebrate the legacy of the departed and through memories, welcome them among us on a bed of flowers. It is a joyous time when we look towards the past as well as our future. We celebrate Da de los Muertos at Harbourfront Centre through both a traditional and contemporary lens, with poetry, song, dance and theatre. Two views melded together to form a third our present reality is shaped by our past and those who have left their indelible mark upon us.

A programme of the complexity and size of our 2016 festival season is only possible with the cooperation, contributions and hard work of every department and all members of the entire Harbourfront Centre staff and volunteer teams. We extend our thanks to them all. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the dedicated Harbourfront Centre Volunteer Team who for over 37 years have worked tirelessly to make all our activities possible.

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