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In its short life span, Viva Mexico Mariachi has built its own distinct identity, solid prestige and firm leadership. Its success story has positioned it as an iconic role model for old and new mariachi bands in Canada. In 2004, Viva Mexico Mariachi introduced itself to the Canadian market with a new, fresh and audacious repertoire. Their album is a mixture of worldwide well-known traditional mariachi themes and Mexican virtuoso music gems.

Viva Mexico Mariachi


Everyone: FREE
Saturday, November 5
Lakeside Terrace
Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West
Sunday, November 6
Lakeside Terrace
Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West

Mariachis are often hired at the graveside to ease the passing of the souls who are thought to have visited their families over the course of the previous day and night. The audacious Viva Mexico Mariachi delivers an explosive show – featuring the powerful vocals of Cecilia Gerrero – to culminate Harbourfront Centre’s Day of the Dead events and help restart the cycle of life.

Hosted by Luis Ruben Segura.

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