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Rhythm Umurisho

August 11, 2017


The Umurisho drumming show from Burundi is a highly respected African art form, with intoxicating rhythms and intricate stick-handling techniques. The ritual dance is unique in the Rhythm Umurisho Toronto, who has been celebrating community events in the GTA and beyond for over 15 years.

During the period of the monarchy kingdoms, drums in Burundi were more than simple musical instruments. As sacred objects, they were only played under exceptional circumstances and for ritual purposes including at the coronations and funerals of kings. The sacred drums were the myth of the country, symbols of the sovereignty of the king. They assured the protection of the country and kept rhythm with the regular cycle of the seasons, which ensured the prosperity of the livestock and maximum yield from the crops. There were several royal sacred drums and each had their own specific roles in the royal court customs.


Everyone: FREE
Fri, August 11
Stage in the Round
235 Queens Quay West
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