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Rebecca Omer
Rebecca Omer, co-founder of Sebseb Belu with her mother Sosena Assefa, was always fascinated by her culture as a child. She spoke Amharic with her mother and grandmother and became fluent. Her household was filled with cultural accessories and décor, and her mother had collections of cultural music. She started dancing at an early age and since then has been a proud ambassador of culture in her community, from teaching the language to starting Sebseb Belu with her mother.

Samuel Bekele
Samuel Bekele holds a great importance in Sebseb Belu, as he is the only male member, he amazes audiences with his energy-filled dance moves. Not only can Samuel dance, but he is also very passionate about political and governmental affairs in Ethiopia and is an active participant on social media as he shares his uplifting thoughts on building a strong and united Ethiopia.

Sebseb Belu Ethiopian Dance Workshop


Everyone: FREE
Saturday, August 12
South Lawn Tent

Rebecca Omer and Samuel Bekele take you on a tour of Ethiopia as they teach you the dances of the Tigray, Amhara, Gurage, Oromo and Wolayta. You will learn the basic steps of these unique cultural dances and by the end of the workshop, you'll be a pro!

Dance Learning
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