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Mandé Foli Kan (Mandingo Music Groove)

August 12, 2017


Mandé Foli Kan brings to life the musical traditions of the ancient Mandingo Empire of West Africa in a rich polyrhythmic conversation between the djembe and balafon in the hands of master drummer and griot Amadou Kienou of Burkina Faso and master balafon player Adama Daou of Mali.

The djembe (a wooden drum with a goatskin drumhead, played with bare hands) and the balafon (a wooden xylophone, played with mallets) were traditionally played at festivals, celebrations of royalty, and other important occasions such as funerals and marriages. Played together, these instruments produce an impressive sound worthy of the occasions and cultures they were created to celebrate.


Everyone: FREE
Sat, August 12
Stage in the Round
235 Queens Quay West
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