This year, Free Flicks investigates the notion of geography that didn’t exist before the cameras started rolling.

All moviemaking is an act of creation – even documentaries shape reality through editing – so with Invented Worlds, we celebrate movies that construct a new reality for themselves… whether they’ve been built on a soundstage, shot in a stylized urban landscape, or photographed one frame at a time on a miniature set populated by hand-animated puppets.

These are stories that couldn’t have been told without some element of fantasy – and by watching them, we might understand our own world a little better. That’s what art’s for, after all.

Norm Wilner,
Lead Guest Artistic Associate

Ayesha Chatterjee,
Administrative Assistant

Summer Movie Lineup

Galaxy Quest

July 10 | 9:00pm

Top Secret!

July 24 | 9:00pm

Streets of Fire

July 31 | 9:00pm

The Triplets of Belleville

August 7 | 9:00pm

That Thing You Do!

August 14 | 9:00pm

Josie and the Pussycats

August 21 | 9:00pm

Audience Choice

August 28 | 9:00pm


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