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Jackson Ayale Molo

Founded in 2014, Les As d'Afrique, or The Ace of Africa, brings together talented artists from Africa living in Canada to perform dance music that includes ndombolo, soukous, rumba, zouk, mutuashi and afrobeats.

Bandleader Jackson Ayale Molo from Democratic Republic of Congo is an accomplished guitarist, pianist and singer. The group is comprised of seasoned players David Mobio, Pekosse Arafat, Prince Elonga, Tshiago Masseko, Babo Matutu, Naxx Mulumba and Jeremie Langi, and is a popular fixture of the music scenes in Montreal, Europe and Africa.

Talented singer/songwriter Blandine joins the group for this special tribute to the late singer/dancer Moto Kapia with Mutuashi songs, the traditional music of the Kasai.

The Ace of Africa



Saturday, August 11, 2018
Concert Stage
235 Queens Quay West