HarbourKIDS - FALL 4 U - October 13, 2014 - FREE

Just because summer is over doesn't mean fun goes with it! This Thanksgiving weekend, carry the joy of the warmer months into the festive season with Fall 4 U, a celebration that is for and about YOU. What are you really good at? From singing to making to playing, come share your talents and discover new ones with HarbourKIDS.

HarbourKIDS is Harbourfront Centre's family programme designed to inspire imagination and creativity in kids under 12, by exploring contemporary arts and culture from a kid-centric point-of-view.

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Let's be honest Fall can make us feel a bit sad sometimes. Maybe we don't want to leave summer behind. We don't want the weather to get cooler and the days to get shorter. But one of the best ways to keep that warm summer feeling is to go out and be with other people, and do things together. So that's exactly what we're going to do this weekend. We're going to make this festival happen... together. (That means grownups can join in too).

HarbourKIDS Fall 4 U is all for, and about, YOU. What can YOU do really well? From tap dancing to cello playing, from drawing comics to making finger puppets, everyone's going to find something they're good at here. So try everything, and find out what makes you feel great.

Every group performing on the Redpath Stage is going to lead a workshop in the Lakeside Terrace. And every workshop is going to end with a mini-performance, so you get a chance to show what you can do. For those inclined towards the visual arts, Little Island Comics are going to be creating a giant comic mural, which you can contribute to. For the crafty, Mary Breen and company are making finger puppets and linocut prints. Or you can show off your enormous brain at the Let's Talk Science station. And we hope EVERYONE will take part in the Natrel Stroller Parade see the event listings for more details.

Whatever you choose to do at HarbourKIDS Fall 4 U, we hope you'll throw yourself into it, body and soul. Because doing things together can make us feel great. But the best feeling in the world is finding something that you love to do, something that's just perfect FOR YOU.

Katherine Sanders
Artistic Associate, HarbourKIDS Coordinator
Performing Arts

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