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Photo: Matt Campagna


Melissa D'Agostino

Saturday, April 19, 2014 | 8pm | Studio Theatre

About the Performance

Using classic archetypes like the crone and the damsel-in-distress as well as modern archetypes like the "Bridezilla," BroadFish asks: What happens when the promise of a perfect future hangs on the one thing out of your grasp? Do you keep dreaming? Do you accept reality? How far will you go to hold onto a fairytale? Into the basement? Up into the attic? Out of your mind?

BroadFish is a live theatre experiment by acclaimed performer Melissa D'Agostino that integrates folktales, music, improvisation and motion pictures to explore the thin line between reality and fantasy, relationships and romance, and the power of myth in our everyday lives.

By plunging into the wild world of female stereotypes, BroadFish considers traditional attitudes toward relationships, happiness and romance, investigating how they've evolved and degenerated through the Internet, social media and digital technology.

BroadFish @fishbride
Written and Performed by: Melissa D'Agostino @melissadags
Directed by: Rebecca Picherack
Dramaturgy: Adam Lazarus
Projections and Motion Pictures: Matt Campagna
Original Music: Waylen Miki
Choreography: Monica Dottor
Stage Management: Sandy Plunkett
Lighting Design: Rebecca Vandevelde

Ontario Arts Council

About the Artist

Melissa D'Agostino is an award-winning actor and writer, well known for her live performances as the character Lupe in the hit shows Lupe: Undone (Best of Toronto Fringe, Critic's Pick, Canadian Comedy Award Nomination), A Very Lupe X-Mas and Lupe's Next Top Lupe. Melissa has worked with Nightwood Theatre, Canadian Stage, the Young Centre, and as a mentor for the AMY Project, Theatre Revolve and the Paprika Festival.

Her work has been featured at the Rhubarb Festival, the UNO Festival and Luminato. Melissa recently produced and starred in the critically acclaimed hit production of Savage in Limbo at the Downstage Theatre as co-artistic director of the newly founded company, Bob Kills Theatre.

In addition to theatre, Melissa has written and starred in several short films, including Man of Steel Song, which recently won the Silver Dragon at the DragonCon Film Festival. She has been a regular performer at the award-winning Carnegie Hall Show, the Lunacy Cabaret and has been featured as a comedian on MTV Canada.

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