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HATCH as an incubatory performance art program has been redefined and has given birth to the Performing Arts Technical Residency Program.

The Performing Arts team would like to thank all the many artists and performance makers for their contributions to HATCH.

HATCH 2017

Featuring new works by Jonathan Adjemian, lo bil, Bethany Ides, Ellen Furey and Eshan Rafi.

September–October 2017

HATCH 2016

Featuring new works by Aimée Dawn Robinson, Francesco Gagliardi, Ars Mechanica, and Leslie Katz, Liz Peterson & Vanessa Dunn. Guest curator: Evan Webber.

April–May 2016

HATCH 2015

Featuring new works by ted witzel & Lauren Gillis, Amelia Ehrhardt and WIVES. Guest curator: Evan Webber.

April 2015

HATCH 2014

Featuring new works by Rob Kempson, Melissa D'Agostino, Francisco-Fernando Granados and Digital BlackBox. Guest curators: Michael Wheeler and Aislinn Rose.

April–May 2014

HATCH 2013

Featuring new works by Reena Katz, Andréa de Keijzer/Compagnie Je suis Julio, Eventual Ashes and Winterreise Collective. Guest curator: Trevor Schwellnus.

April–May 2013

HATCH 2012

Featuring new works by Jenn Goodwin and Camilla Singh, The Empty Whole Group, Paper Laced Productions and Kids on TV. Guest curator: Jess Dobkin.

April–May 2012

HATCH 2011

Featuring new works by Daniela Sneppova and Penn Kemp, Looking Sea Collective, Idée Fixe and UnSpun Theatre. Guest curator: Ame Henderson.

March–April 2011

HATCH 2010

Featuring new works by Birdtown and Swanville, Jess Dobkin, Alicia Grant and Cara Spooner, Praxis Theatre and The Room.

January–April 2010

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