Welcome to Junior 2018


Acting Director of Performing Arts

In the years leading into and out of elementary school, kids aged four to fourteen fill their minds with elemental questions: Who am I? Where do I fit in? We know that even though they are young, kids still face the same issues as adults. Junior invites you to explore these questions through theatre, dance, puppetry, and performances from around the corner and around the world. All the performances at Junior are unified around a common goal – exploring big thoughts for growing minds.

We are proud and excited to offer children and their families the chance to experience innovative theatre, dance, music and puppetry from Canada and around the world. To name a few: The Jury from Norway turns the idea of children’s theatre on its head, Québec’s Suites Curieuses shines an entirely new light on classic fairy tales, and Australia’s New Owner blurs the boundaries between stage and animation. The Medicine Wheel and We Are All Treaty People creatively address the history of First Nations peoples in Canada and the importance of forging relationships across boundaries.