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Photo: Hanna Skoog

Move to Stillness is an immersive installation that physicalizes the calming experience of meditation. Come move through a series of densely hung white textiles, to a circular space of inner calm in the centre of the Brigantine tent. Here you can experience the effects of meditation in the body. As your breath and pulse slow down, let the mental and physical effects of relaxation take hold.

This soothing installation provides a counterpoint to the hectic high energy nature of the Kick Up Your Heels festival. It offers a moment of solace, calm, relaxation and rejuvenation, affecting the body in subtle yet powerful ways. Diffused sunlight shines through the roof of the Brigantine tent, creating an all-white meditative environment, bringing you to anplace stillness inside your body. The rhythmic sound score of pranayama breathing guides your breath, drowning out the hectic sounds and music of the festival. In Move to Stillness we invite you to re-centre and reconnect with your body and breath, and to deepen your embodied experience of the Kick Up Your Heels Festival. So often in life we rush and frantically move through our day to day, without taking the time to let our minds and bodies breathe and surrender to the stillness offered by this immersive installation.

Victoria Mohr-Blakeney
Victoria Mohr-Blakeney is an independent curator and writer with a focus on curating contemporary dance and performance. She has curated and co-curated a series of exhibitions throughout Toronto in theatre, gallery, and site-specific settings including: No Context The Citadel/George Brown School of Design (2015), The Duel AGO First Thursdays (2014), I’MBODY CB Gallery (2013), Yes…ButScotiabank Studio Theatre (2011), You Are My Favourite Voltage Edward Day Gallery (2010), Caged ScotiabankNuit Blanche (2009). She has worked as a Dance Columnist for the Toronto Standard and co-founded the Toronto-based Nomadic Curatorial Collective. Mohr-Blakeney recently co-published No Context, one of a small number of dance catalogues published in Canada. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Criticism and Curatorial Practice from OCAD University and is the recipient of the 2015 President’s Medal in Criticism and Curatorial Practice from OCADU.

Vicki Clough
Vicki Clough is an independent curator and craftsperson with a focus on socially engaged and participatory art and events. She is the Curatorial Director of Figment Toronto and has co-curated exhibitions in Toronto including The Duel AGO First Thursdays (2014) and What Are You Made Of? OCAD U Graduate Gallery (2013). She initiated the Toronto based workshop model and website Polymers in Action: Socially Engaged Art and the Environment as part of her studies at OCAD University, where she obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Criticism and Curatorial Practice.

Move to Stillness: An immersive installation produced in partnership with FIGMENT Toronto




Saturday, July 4
12:00pm – 8:30pm
Brigantine Patio
235 Queens Quay West
10:30pm – 2:00am
Brigantine Patio
235 Queens Quay West

Move to Stillness is an immersive installation that gives visitors the opportunity to find solace and peace at the heart of the bustling, high-energy, Kick Up Your Heelsfestival. Located in the Brigantine tent, a sea of white textiles suspended in mid-air provide a circular space of calm surrounded by the soothing sounds of a pranayama breathing meditation. Enter. Breathe. Reconnect. Rejuvenate.

Move to Stillness is co-curated by Vicki Clough and Victoria Mohr-Blakeney in partnership with FIGMENT Toronto.

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