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About Vancouver Pars National Ballet Director, Azita Sahebjam:

Azita Sahebjam was born in Tehran, Iran. She was an active participant of Pars National Ballet since 1978 under the direction and teachings of Abdollah Nazemi. She performed all around Iran and Europe in the late 1970s.

In 1988, along with her husband and daughter, she migrated to Canada and established the Canadian chapter, namely the Vancouver Pars National Ballet in 1989. Her uncompromising spirit, relentless energy, talent and motivation have helped preserve the Iranian traditional and folk dances, which otherwise would fade into oblivion given the drastic steps taken by the Islamic government of Iran. Vancouver Pars National Ballet has showcased Iranian folk and traditional dance in over 800 shows around the world for over 25 years.

Vancouver Pars National Ballet




Saturday, July 20
3:30pm – 4:30pm
Concert Stage
235 Queens Quay West
Sunday, July 21
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Concert Stage
235 Queens Quay West

The Vancouver Pars National Ballet will present a variety of folk and traditional Iranian dances.