CSA approved hockey helmets or a winter sport helmet (ski/snowboard helmet) are required for ALL participants. Bicycle helmets are not permitted.

Skate & Helmet Rentals

No skate or helmet? No problem! Rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Private & Group Lessons

Looking for one-on-one skating tips? How about a group skating class with friends? We’ve got you covered! Learn more about our Private and Group Lessons.

All Learn to Skate classes take place on the Natrel Rink, an unparalleled skating destination in Toronto for over 30 years. Set against the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario, the city's most scenic rink awaits!

Natrel Rink

Learn to Skate: Adult Beginner

Learning Skating

This course is designed for those 18 or over who are learning to be more confident on their skates.

Focus will be placed on pushing and gliding techniques, and skaters will be introduced to more complex skills through interactive exercises and drills. You are a beginner skater if you have been on the ice before and are able to move forward.

This course is four weeks long. Each class includes 55 minutes of instruction with five minutes of free skating time.

Wednesdays at 7:30pm
Session 1: November 23 – December 14
Session 2: January 4–25
Session 3: February 1–22

Saturdays at 1:30pm
Session 1: November 26 – December 17
Session 2: January 7–28

Session 3: February 4–25

Sundays at 1:30pm
Session 1: November 27 – December 18

Session 2: January 8–29

Session 3: February 5–26


Registration: $90 (includes HST)

Thanks for your interest in our Learn to Skate program. Registration has now closed for the 2016/17 season. Check back in the fall for our next season of lessons!

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