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Seasonal Slip Application

Harbourfront Centre Marinas

The following is a summary of our current slip application process:

We offer first right of refusal to customers that are in good standing that have occupied a season-long slip in the previous summer or winter. For summer slip occupancy (May 1 to October 15) persons are given until mid-February annually to renew. For winter slip occupancy (approx. October 28 to April 30) they are given until mid-September to renew. The number, size (maximum permitted length and beam) and location of any available slips for the upcoming period is determined after the applicable deadline.

Those interested in a new slip will be placed on a waiting list. Names are added to the waiting list on a chronological basis. Depending on the timing of your inquiry, slip availability may or may not be known. If any appropriate slips become available for your sized boat (both length and beam apply) you will be contacted and given further instruction.

Historically, only a small number of slips become available at either marina each season due to the popularity of our convenient downtown location, smaller size of the marinas and loyalty of many customers. Both of our marinas were primarily designed for smaller sized boats. Channel and slip widths are engineered for smaller vessels. We regret that we are not able to accommodate many larger boats. If slips are released they will likely be for boats under 32 feet in length with beams of less than 11 feet as this is the size of slip or smaller that make up the majority of each marina.

To place your name on our waiting list for seasonal dockage at either Marina Four or Marina Quay West, please contact the Marina Quay West office at 416-203-1212. You will be asked to provide a range of information and if you would prefer Marina Four, Marina Quay West or would take a slip at either location should one come available.

Please note that Harbourfront Centre is not accepting additional older wooden boats for either summer seasonal or winter dockage unless the boat, based on our opinion, is a premium condition "collector" boat.

Preference will be given to avid boaters and not those just seeking residence. Slips allocated to liveaboards are limited during both summer and winter terms.

For more information, visit Dockage Rates and Marinas Contact Info.

We wish you well with your slip acquisition and thank you for your interest in Harbourfront Centre.

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