Water Taxis

Harbourfront Centre Marine

There are a variety of Water Taxis operating from locations between York Street and Lower Spadina Avenue. At present only approved operators (as shown in the list below) are permitted to pick up or drop off persons on our docks. Any operator not listed is not legally permitted to pick up or drop off persons.

To make a water taxi reservation please visit an operator web site and complete the required form or call the phone number shown or as listed on a black dock side sign found at each of the designated water taxi locations. (See locations map).

Vessels may be members of the The Toronto Passenger Vessel Association (TPVA). For more information on being a passenger within Canada visit the Transport Canada Passenger Vessels FAQ.

Note: Vessels are not operated by Harbourfront Centre.

Water Taxi Operators

Five Star Water Taxi / Tiki Taxi

Tiki Taxi


See #1 on Locations Map

Water Taxi Toronto

Water Taxi Now


See #2 on Locations Map

Toronto Harbour Water Taxi

Toronto Harbour Water Taxi


See #3 on Locations Map

Harbour Link Water Taxi

Harbour Link Water Taxi


See #2 on Locations Map

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