Curatorial Statement

No matter where a performance takes place or the length of a dancer’s career, the nerves, anticipation and excitement are still there when the lights go up and the audience begins to watch the work that has been developed over months and years. Harbourfront Centre’s stages are full of movement during NextSteps 2016/17 and I invite you to witness all aspects of the dance performance, from artist development through to final production.

Dance is for the young and the old and this season we offer you a glimpse of the full and rewarding life of a dance career. See emerging artists, support their development and watch them grow and master their art form. Discover this outstanding program of contemporary artists at the top of their game and enjoy the polished performances of large-scale, established companies with decades of experience.

All are a must-see!

Lynanne Sparrow
Artistic Associate – Dance
Performing Arts Department
Harbourfront Centre