March 23–25, 2017


DanceWorks DW220: Holy Cow(s)!



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Holy Cow(s)! run rampant, toppling taboos of gender, identity, sexuality and cultural (mis)appropriation. This provocative contemporary Bharatanatyam performance by Hari Krishnan, Seán Curran, David Brick and Jay Hirabayashi is infused with humour and diffused through a global dance lens.

inDANCE is a rare, hard-core, progressive Canadian dance company. It presents works that are a potent, distilled synthesis of artistic director Hari Krishnan’s Eastern and Western artistic and aesthetic personae. Acknowledging the burdens and legacies of tradition, inDANCE disrupts and investigates post-modern evolutions, driving the company’s arc on a trajectory that absorbs influences from the West into its strident idiom of contemporary Asian cultures. The company pioneers work that is controversial, unconventional and radical, producing eclectic, sensual and virtuosic dance that confronts dominant discourses on global culture. inDANCE’s work is presented at prestigious venues around the world.

Bessie (NYC) and Dora (TO) Award nominee Hari Krishnan is the artistic director of Toronto based company inDANCE and Associate Professor of Dance in the Department of Dance at Wesleyan University (Connecticut). As an award winning dance-maker, Krishnan is frequently commissioned for his avant-garde, subversive and transgressive choreography to create work on soloists and companies around the world. Krishnan continues his collaborative creation of Holy Cow(s)!, working with choreographers Sean Curran and Margie Gillis, slated for a March 2017 premiere

Hari Krishnan is an internationally respected dancer, choreographer, teacher and dance scholar. He is an award winning dance-maker who combines classical elegance and populist echoes.

Krishnan has trained with hereditary dance masters including K.P. Kittappa Pillai & R. Muttukkannammal, specializing in devadasi (courtesan) dance and contemporary abstractions of Bharatanatyam. He is World-Dance-Artist in Residence at the Department of Dance in Wesleyan University (Connecticut). Hari Krishnan is frequently commissioned as a forward thinking, innovative choreographer with an original edge to create works in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore and India.

He holds a Master’s degree in Dance from York University (Toronto) and is currently completing his PhD in the dance department at Texas Woman’s University. Krishnan’s research areas include colonialism, post-colonialism & Indian dance, globalization & the arts of India, Bharatanatyam in Tamil cinema & the history of devadasi dance traditions in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, South India. He is a regular contributor to academic conferences on cultural history and dance around the world.

Through Hari’s company inDANCE, he creates performances which are unique in the dance world by presenting original repertoire and music rarely seen and heard on the contemporary world stage.  His work originates out of a critical awareness of historical context and meaning rooted in ethnographic and textual research. In addition to cutting edge contemporary works that break convention, the company also showcases reconstructions, and re-presentations of vintage (18th and 19th century) dance and music repertoires that are absent from the vocabulary and ethos of today’s Bharatanatyam.