October 21–22, 2016

Wen Wei Dance

DanceWorks DW217: Made in China



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Made in China is an interdisciplinary performance by Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang, Gao Yanjinzi, Qui Xia He and Sammy Chien, all of whose stunning contemporary art practices have been influenced by their shared Chinese heritage.

DanceWorks began in 1977 as a collective of independent dance artists. It has grown to become Toronto’s leading presenter of independent dance. With a strong belief that dance has the power to illuminate, engage and transform all who participate, DanceWorks offers season after season of eclectic, exhilarating choreography programmed to intrigue, challenge and enthrall. DanceWorks adds to the theatrical experience with Carol’s Dance Notes and post-performance conversations with artists. DanceWorks is the administrator of the CanDance Network and Dance Ontario Association.

Wen Wei Dance artistic director and choreographer, Wen Wei Wang, Gao Yanjinzi, artistic director of Beijing Modern Dance Company, Qiu Xia He, award-winning classical Chinese musician of Vancouver’s Silk Road Music, and video and sound artist Sammy Chien, plunge into their respective artistic expressions to explore the commonalities of their Chinese heritage. The quartet marries tradition with contemporary practice, reflecting the evolution of classical forms in a modern world. Shared through dance, music, and storytelling, the artists weave together memories of their childhoods in China, and the daring paths their careers have taken abroad to create an intimate dialogue that opens a window to another world.