April 28–29, 2017

Radical System Art

DanceWorks DW:221 Glory



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Epic, imaginary battles based on a childhood passion for action films inform Shay Kuebler’s athletic and acclaimed work Glory, which examines the glorification of violent behaviour in our media-drenched culture.

DanceWorks began in 1977 as a collective of independent dance artists. It has grown to become Toronto’s leading presenter of independent dance. With a strong belief that dance has the power to illuminate, engage and transform all who participate, DanceWorks offers season after season of eclectic, exhilarating choreography programmed to intrigue, challenge and enthrall. DanceWorks adds to the theatrical experience with Carol’s Dance Notes and post-performance conversations with artists. DanceWorks is the administrator of the CanDance Network and Dance Ontario Association.

Shay Kuebler Radical System Art
Shay Kuebler Radical System Art (SKRSA) is based around the theory of creating form without form and using technique without technique. The company looks to create performance works through a mixed language of martial arts, theatre and dance. With this diverse foundation, SKRSA aims for each new project to find its own unique form and points of instigation. Through rigorous research, creation and performance, the company strives to discover new, compelling and challenging forms of physical art that increase both public appreciation and support for the arts.

History of the company
Shay Kuebler Radical System Art was formed in Vancouver, Canada, in February 2014 to support and develop the work of artistic director Shay Kuebler.  The company is building upon the creations, productions and relationships that have been created through Shay Kuebler’s years as an independent artist and collaborator in Canada. His work has crossed the boundaries of theatre, multiple forms of dance and physical performance including works for Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, CitieBallet, Ecole de Danse de Quebec and The Place School of Contemporary Dance in London. He is also one of the founding directors of The 605 Collective. His choreographic work has been commissioned for national and international festivals such as The Canada Dance Festival, The Dancing on The Edge Festival, The International Dance Festival of Brazil and The Baalbek Arts Festival in Lebanon.

SKRSA is currently developing two new projects in Vancouver this year: Telemetry and Feasting on Famine. Telemetry will premiere in February 2017 at The International Chutzpah Festival and Feasting on Famine will premiere in July 2017 at The Dancing On The Edge Festival.