May 19–20, 2017

Femmes du Feu

Circus Sessions 2017 Co-produced with Harbourfront Centre



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Co-produced with Harbourfront Centre

Now in its third year, Circus Sessions is a week-long creative laboratory where 15 national and international contemporary circus artists work together under the guidance of a mentor. Come witness the results of this week long residency in a brand new creation.

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Femmes du Feu is a project operating company founded in 2003. Since 2007, Femmes du Feu has been actively creating and presenting aerial circus works, researching innovative ways to combine their contemporary dance and choreographic backgrounds with their aerial circus skills. We will be presenting our most recent work, Rev, at HarbourKids: Circus 2017 on the Concert Stage May 20–22. Femmes du Feu also has several non-performative services including Aer Time, a contemporary circus performance series, hosting discussions and other community events. Circus Sessions, now in it’s third year, is an exciting project for Femmes du Feu and we look forward to, and are curious about it’s ongoing impact and resonance.

Project lead and concept: Holly Treddenick (Femmes du Feu)

Mentor: Sean Gandini (Gandini Juggling, London, UK)

Christel Bartelse (clown) Toronto,ON
Greg Tarlin (juggling) Toronto,ON
Louis Barbier (juggling) Toronto,ON
Ty Vennewitz (Hoola hoops, Cyr Wheel) Ahsland, OR
Dominique Rabideau (juggling) Montreal, QB
Britt Howlett (trapeze) Toronto, ON
Courtney Prokopas (aerial rope) Chicago, IL
Bailey Eng (Chinese Pole, contorsion) Montreal, QB
Manuel Rodriguez Saenz (clown) Toronto, ON
Antoinette Lane (German Wheel) Brattleboro, VT
Kevin Chen (juggling) Montreal, QB
Bekka Rose (juggling) Montreal,QB
Shayna Swanson (Cyr Wheel, aerial rope) Chicago, IL
Mike Johns (juggling) Toronto/ Australia
Jessica McMann (Observer) Calgary, AB