November 10, 2017

Flamenco Sin Límites




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“Originally known as a reverse side of a phonograph record, generally refers to a less popular composition that does not fit with the main theme. Less indulging of critics and mainstream airplay, b-sides have also been known to showcase the more “real” side of an artist.”

B-Sides is a double bill featuring two exciting Toronto flamenco groups, Triana Project and a collective led by Nazanin Meshkat, performing works that explore emotion, self-expression and social interactions.

Produced with the support of the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council

Sonia Muñoz stepped into the flamenco dance world in 1989 at the studio of Toronto flamenco pioneer, Paula Moreno. Since then, she has been a fixture in Toronto’s local flamenco community, which has seen her take on the roles of flamenco dancer, teacher, curator and producer. She has performed with two of Toronto’s flamenco dance companies, and was a teacher at the Academy of Spanish Dance. Sonia has also served as a juror for the Toronto Arts Council dance projects program.

Her passion for and commitment to flamenco has taken her to Spain where she returns on an annual basis to attend Spain’s most important flamenco festivals, the Bienal de Flamenco in Sevilla and the Festival de Jerez. Sonia’s time in Spain has provided her with the privilege of witnessing hundreds of live performances, including tablao and formal theatre productions with flamenco’s most accomplished artists. With each visit to Spain, she learns more about flamenco as an art form and as a culture within the Spanish reality. Her vast exposure to flamenco has allowed her to develop a solid knowledge base about the artists, their styles, and their performance formats, as well as a sensitive eye for flamenco dance and its aesthetics. Sonia’s time in Spain has also provided her with the opportunity to develop a professional network of relationships with many of Spain’s most acclaimed flamenco artists, their representatives, as well as producers from other regions.

Since 2007, she has produced flamenco dance workshops with various collaborators, and more recently as sole producer. She has co-produced three flamenco productions, including Grilo, which was part of a mini-series entitled Flamenco Up Close and was included in the NextSteps dance series in 2015. Flamenco Sin Límites is the second mini-series that she presents at NextSteps. Sonia’s insatiable love for everything that encompasses flamenco promises to bring many more exciting flamenco projects to Toronto.

Dancer/choreographer Nazanin Meshkat is a flamenco dancer based in Toronto, Canada. She began her journey as a dancer apprenticing with Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, and has been a member of Compañia Carmen Romero. In 2013, she started her solo career as a choreographer and performer. Her original work has been presented at Dance Matters, Fresh Blood, and in tablaos in Toronto and Madrid.

Since 2001, choreographer/dancer Iryna Gordon has trained with many prominent flamenco artists in Canada and Spain. She has worked with Triana Project, Compañia Carmen Romero and Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. Iryna has performed in the Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal flamenco festivals, Dance Matters, Fresh Blood Series and Fall for Dance North.

Choreographer/dancer Pamela Briz has been a professional flamenco dancer in Toronto for over 20 years. She has studied and performed with Compañia Carmen Romero and has been a member of the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company for 5 seasons. Pamela has performed in numerous national and local festivals and events including the Canada Dance Festival, Fall for Dance North and the Toronto International Flamenco Festival. Pamela’s interest in choreography has led to collaborations with flamenco and contemporary dancers and the co-founding of ViDAnza dance collective. Pamela is excited to be a part of this program with Triana Project.

Choreographer/dancer Alison MacDonald is professional flamenco dancer who has studied a variety of dance styles with a focus on percussive genres. She has spent time in Spain studying with artists such as Javier Cruz, Soraya Clavijo and La Mora. Alison has performed with Compañia Carmen Romero and is co-founder of Triana Project and dance collective ViDAnza.