December 6-8, 2013

Janak Khendry Dance Company

Paradise Lost



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Janak’s choreography lives between contemporary and traditional South Asian styles. I’m very interested to see how he will translate a complex literary work into dance.

Lynanne Sparrow
Artistic Associate – Dance, Performing Arts Department
Harbourfront Centre

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The culmination of 55 years of dreaming and three years of intense research, the Janak Khendry Dance Company unravels John Milton’s Paradise Lost – the story of the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden – transforming the mysteries of this great literary work into dance form.

Drawing from a pool of distinguished Canadian dancers, the cast includes: Allen Kaeja as Satan, Eddie Kastrau as Adam, Kala Vageesan as Eve, Austin Fagan as Michael, Tyler Gledhill as Rafael, Zhenya Cerneacov as Gabriel, Janak Khendry as God and Harikishan S Nair as the Son of God. Additionally, other noteworthy Indo-Canadian dancers will assume the roles of angels and Satan’s demons.

All music is by the renowned classical Indian composer, Ashit Desai, and Canadian contemporary composer, Eric Cadesky (Glass Orchestra).

Janak Khendry Dance Company is an internationally renowned professional Indo-Canadian company that was established in 1978. Dedicated to creating rare, unique and outstanding dance expressions, the company enjoys a high international profile and has been invited to perform in Canada, Unites States, India, Myanmar, Singapore, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. In 2013, the company was invited to perform in Kuwait and Oman, sponsored by the Embassy of India. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations invited the Company to perform in Shillong, Patna and New Delhi in India. Janak Khendry Dance Company has performed extensively in Canada, the United States and India. In 1994 the Company was commissioned by The Los Angeles County Museum of Art at create a major work, Sthulibhadra and Kosha, in conjunction with a special exhibition, PEACEFUL LIBERATORS, which also travelled to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas and The New Orleans Museum of Art. The company’s repertoire contains over 130 works.

Janak Khendry Dance Company’s current focus is to create significant philosophical works that have a universal message and to develop better human understanding through dance. Some of the major creations of the company include Panchkalyanaka, Gayatri, Women Liberated, Upanishad, Ganga and Kaal – Time.

Janak Khendry is an internationally renowned dancer-choreographer trained in four classical dance styles: bharatanatyam, kathak, manipuri and sattriya. He has given five command performances for two past presidents of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Radhakrishnan. He has been commissioned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Allentown Museum of Art in Pennsylvania to create dance works for special exhibitions, performances, lectures and to conduct workshops. He has performed extensively in India, Pakistan, U.S., Israel, Canada, Singapore, Burma, Mexico, South Africa, Kuwait and Oman. Some of his major choreographic works are Basant, Shyama, Kumar Sambhavam, Meghdootam, Surya, Moods of the Rhythms, The Monk, The Courtesan and the Charioteer, Panchkalyanaka, Women Liberated, Gayatri, Upanishad, Sounds of the Hills, Chandrakauns, The Dream of a Drunken God, Ganga and Kaal –  Time.

Khendry has a master’s degree in sculpture from Ohio State University and has had eight solo sculpture exhibitions. His other fields of specialization are Indian and Italian Renaissance’s art history. In 2011, Khendry was one of the 30 members of the Power List of the 30 most outstanding Indo-Canadians presented by India Abroad.