September 27-30, 2012

Julia Sasso dances




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In Association with Harbourfront Centre

SLoE envelops the audience in an intimate and deeply compelling world of sound and movement imagery. Taking great physical and emotional risks that celebrate the quality and transformation of the body in motion, Julia Sasso’s robust choreography cascades across the stage in counterpoint to the music’s magically suspended resonances and stillnesses.

Check out the September/October issue of The Dance Current, where Julia Sasso dances’ SLoE is featured on the cover and in an accompanying article.

September 27
Julia Sasso dances welcomes you to a post-performance reception in the Enwave Theatre lobby.

September 28
Post-performance Q&A with the artists in the theatre. Hosted by Laurie Brown of CBC’s The Signal.

Julia Sasso dances creates and produces remarkable stage works of astonishing beauty, ingenuity and resonance. Launched in 2000, the company is a vehicle for Sasso’s striking ensemble creations. Celebrated by audiences and critics alike for the virtuosity of both the choreography and its execution, outstanding full-length company productions include Beauty (2003), the betrayal project (2006) and the international co-production, Túl a folyón/Beyond the River (2009). Commissioned by the late Ann Southam to embody her masterwork, Simple Lines of Enquiry, SLoE, performed in concert with pianist Eve Egoyan, marks the much anticipated return to Harbourfront Centre of Julia Sasso dances.

Recognized by The Dance Current as “one of the foremost dance artists in the country,” Julia Sasso creates extensively for the concert stage as well as for theatre, feature film and television. Her choreography has been commissioned and presented throughout Canada, the United States and abroad by among others, Harbourfront Centre, the Canada Dance Festival, Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada, Toronto Dance Theatre and Dancemakers. She performed internationally with Dancemakers for 16 seasons and continues to create and perform independently. Sasso is a faculty member at York University and in The School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s Professional Training Program.