March 13-16, 2014

Kalanidhi Fine Arts of Canada

New Directions in Indian Dance


Tickets: $20-$35 | Festival Passes: $120 (Regular), $100 (Senior), $72 (Students)

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Sudha Khandwani always presents a range of contemporary Indian dance from around the world, including programming from local Toronto companies. This festival will give you an insider’s viewpoint of the scope of Indian dance through Sudha’s curated vision.

Lynanne Sparrow
Artistic Associate – Dance, Performing Arts Department
Harbourfront Centre

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Celebrating 25 years of Kalanidhi in Canada, artistic director Sudha Khandwani presents four days of innovative, contemporary and exquisite classical Indian dancers from Canada, India and the United States.

This year’s lineup is one of the best yet with works created by many award-winning choreographers, including Hari Krishnan (inDANCE), Janak Khendry (JKDance), Menaka Thakkar (MTDC), Nova Bhattacharya & Louis Laberge-Côté (Nova Dance), Roger Sinha (Sinha Danse), Preeti Vasudevan (Thresh), Aparna Sindhoor, Anil Natyaveda (Navarasa), Priti Patel (Anjika Manipurni Dance) and Santosh Nair (Sadhya Dance). Plus opening solos by Nivedha Ramalingham, Reshmi Chetram and Shila Mehta.

Kalanidhi’s commitment to making Indian dance more accessible accelerates this year with MTDC and Priti Patel performances being live streamed to and from Mumbai, India and locations outside Toronto, and Nova Dance and Sadhya Dance being live streamed to locations outside Toronto.

The symposium on Sunday will present an inter-country panel discussion between Canada, the U.S, India and England on “New Directions in Indian Dance” plus an account of the contribution of Sudha Khandwani through Kalanidhi in the last 25 years with archived video clips since 1993.

The festival schedule and programme are available to download.

Although the Canadian incarnation of Kalanidhi Fine Arts (KFA) took place in 1988, its origin lay 50 years ago in Bombay (Mumbai) when Sudha Khandwani founded it simply as Kalanidhi. KFA moved with her to Canada and changed its orientation, under her artistic direction, from teaching, creation and performance of Indian dance to nurturing and promotion in North America. Although KFA maintains a distinct cultural identity, it also seeks to cross borders and share, collaborate and cooperate widely. Thus KFA functions in Indian dance in the widest sense, positioning itself in the context of other non-Indian dance systems of Canada. Canada is the primary geographical area of its activities KFA functions internationally and keeps close curatorial contact with India, Europe, U.S., Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Kalanidhi’s mandate is to nurture the art form (Indian dance) in both its traditional as well as contemporary settings, support dance artists in their creative as well as performing activities, develop and educate audiences to appreciate it at all levels of its wide range, and integrate creative and performing with critical and educational processes. Indian dance must be positioned in a mutually sharing and supportive inter-relationship with other dance cultures of Canada.

KFA is the only major presenter of international festivals of Indian dance in Canada. The festival and conference brings together performing companies, solo dancers, choreographers and teachers, from across Canada, India and the international Indian diaspora. The unique feature of these events is that the evenings’ public performances are combined with the day-time workshops, symposia, master classes, invited dance talks and scholarly papers in order to bring a greater understanding of the art form. Kalanidhi has taken a pioneering role in presenting the contemporary face of Indian dance while embracing its traditions; and has inspired a number of choreographers to try new approaches. Since 1993, Kalanidhi has produced 11 major international festivals and three festivals showcasing emerging artists from Canada, India and the U.S.

Sudha Khandwani is the founder and artistic director of Kalanidhi Fine Arts of Canada. She also served as a member of the board of directors of Canada’s National Ballet School, CanAsian Festival and Rasik Arts, and was the co-director of Ababeel Arts and AbabeelFilm Society of Toronto. She is a versatile artist whose deep involvement in the fields of Indian dance, theatre, acting, choreography, photography and film spans a period of 60 years.