November 12-13, 2013

Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

The Light Between



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Margie’s comfort from her years of working onstage translates into beauty and grace as she performs in this powerful new show. I welcome her return to the stage at the Fleck Dance Theatre.

Lynanne Sparrow
Artistic Associate – Dance, Performing Arts Department
Harbourfront Centre

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In this new work, the extraordinary Margie Gillis and her collaborators (Holly Bright, Marc Daigle, Paola Styron and set designer Randal Newman) reveal a strangely familiar and radiant world: a blissful, sometimes turbulent state of transition and transformation, where the visible and invisible meet. This rich and thematic piece blends into the choreographic language – sculptural and pictorial elements evocative of the dancer’s body – to highlight the vulnerability that all artistic research requires.

“Bless the continual stutter of the word being made into flesh.” – Leonard Cohen

At the time of its genesis in 1981, The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation chose this phrase as its motto to define the guiding principles that fuel the practice of Margie Gillis’s art.

Gillis’s creative endeavours are entirely dedicated to the observation of the human soul; whether they materialise in solo dances as in the largest part of her repertoire, or in group works that she has created her approach to dance – from the inside out – has become something of a trademark and has allowed her to develop a style very much her own.

The mission of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation is to support, protect and promote the artistic work of this Canadian icon of contemporary dance.

 Margie Gillis’s unique and masterful interpretation of the different facets of the human soul has won her loyal audiences around the globe. Unwaveringly, her artistic vision continues to develop through creation, performance, experimentation, teaching, writing and mentoring.

Over the past 40 years, Gillis has created an impressive working repertoire as a soloist and a collaborator. Her works number in the hundreds and include solos, duets, small and large group works for the stage, as well as works in film and television. A profound and passionate artist, she has worked with many of the great dancers of her time.