September 20-23, 2012

Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization

Kathak Mahotsav 2012



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Kathak Mahotsav Canada 2012, now in its fifth year, is a festival of Kathak dance that is modelled after the springtime Durbars of the Moghul courts. It is a gathering of Canadian Kathak artists in celebration of the art of Kathak, showcasing the adaptability and relevance of classical Kathak styles, adapting its temple origins to the present.

This year’s programme features four concerts with different artists performing each night. The acts include Hemant and Vaishali Panwar, Sudeshna Maulik, Parul Gupta and Reshmi Chetram.


Thursday, September 20 | 8pm
Sharda Samaroo
Salisha Purushuttam and Divya Gossai
Namita Deodhare
Nirjhum Proshanti

Friday, September 21 | 8pm
Hemant & Vaishali Panwar, performing to live music

Saturday, September 22 | 8pm
Sudeshna Maulik
Montreal Kathak Ensemble

Sunday, September 23 | 4pm
Keisha Sooknanan
Parul Gupta
Reshmi Chetram
Nirjhum Proshanti

Come early for the pre-show presentation by Guru Rina Singha, “The Storyteller,” on Sunday, September 23, at 3pm! Free with Sunday admission.

Founded in 1992 by Artistic Director, Rina Singha, Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization (RSKDO) aims to share the lyrical beauty and subtleties that distinguishes Kathak from other dance forms, and to help provide a deeper understanding of the rhythmic and narrative elements of Kathak.

In addition to the regular season, in 1998 and 2002, RSKDO presented the Legacies in Dance Festivals, in partnership with the Music Gallery, to feature Kathak and other non-Western classical dance forms. Starting in 2008, RSKDO has focused its energy solely on Kathak and has started Kathak Mathosav Canada, presenting the wide range and variety of Kathak styles in Canada through the festival.

Rina Singha‘s extraordinary career as a solo Kathak performer and choreographer spans upwards of five decades. Recognized as one of Canada’s eminent dance artists, she has earned international acclaim and recognition for the elegant beauty and purity of her technique and the skill and wisdom of her interpretative powers.

Singha has choreographed traditional, experimental and biblical works, which include collaborations with choreographer Danny Grossman. Her work has led her to be recognized internationally as a leader in the field of Christian dance.

Because of her own experiences as a struggling immigrant artist, Singha has made it her life mission to find ways to cross cultural barriers and to share the intricacies her art with audiences.