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Photo: Olivier Hoffschir

Maurice Louca
Maurice Louca is one of the most exciting artists in the Arab world today. Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute the Parrot) is his most original work to date, featuring his trademark whirlwind of percussion-based rhythms seamlessly intertwined with layers of jarring yet coherent compositions and improvisations. Featured on the album are a host of Arab and international guest artists including: Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Alvarius B.), Canadian Sam Shalabi (Land of Kush, Shalabi Effect), Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Solo Artist/Alif) and more. The album’s artwork is an essential piece of the overall puzzle and demonstrates Louca’s dedication to an overall vision of his work.

Following years of collaborations and inconspicuous touring across Europe and the Arab world, Louca has become renowned for his powerful live shows, combining live electronics with a bassist and a drummer. Inspired by many influences – from psychedelia to Chaabi and beyond – Louca shatters the confines of musical and cultural labeling. 

Maurice Louca


Maurice Louca is one of the most exciting artists in the Arab world today, making music informed by traditional and contemporary music across genres. At the forefront of the global electro-chaabi movement, Louca's work features most prominently Egyptian wedding music (chaabi), combined with contemporary electronic music. His 2014 album, Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute the Parrot) builds upon his prowess, signaling an artist coming into his own, and one poised to make a serious mark on the international landscape.

Egypt is a place that is constantly in the news, still in the process of defining itself as a result of recent events. An artist like Louca enables international audiences to go past the headlines, offering an intimate view of how the nation’s artists are dealing with the nation’s journey.

Catch Electro Chaabi, a film delving into the world of Egyptian hip hop, on Saturday, July 11 at 2:30-4:30pm in the Studio Theatre. A post-film-screening Q&A with Maurice Louca will be held after the film.